MAM CAFE's specialty: MAM SWEET FU

Wheat gluten tends to play a supporting role at the dining table. As for fugashi, old-fashioned brown sugar fugashi is common.
MAM SWEET FU is a fruit fu confectionery that has been arranged for modern times while keeping the good points of the old days.
The colorful appearance and sweetness of the fruit can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Founded in the 15th year of Meiji. MAM SWEET FU is made at a long-established gluten shop in Aomori Prefecture that has been in business for over 130 years.
We are the only gluten shop in the Tsugaru region that has inherited the ``fu'' that has been passed down since ancient times in Japan. The manufacturing method is still carefully handcrafted and handmade.
We deliver traditional techniques and new flavors unique to the Tsugaru region, such as apples and cassis from Aomori Prefecture.

The technique of making fu confectionery with fruit and fruit juice was developed through the cooperation of local farms, coordinators, and fu makers.
Until then, we had tried making fruit gluten cakes at fu shops, but we were not successful. The reason is that when sugar is added to the fruit juice and it is boiled down, it becomes jam-like and the gluten does not dry out.
After hitting a wall, the product development using fruit juice was temporarily put on hold, but after confirming the problem with the local farms and the coordinator, we set up several hypothetical processes. The fruit juice-filled fu confectionery produced in this process was a great success.
It is precisely because of the technology that we have acquired through the development of this regional collaboration that we are able to deliver fruit fugashi containing various fruits and fruit juices.

Crispy texture. Gentle sweetness and fruity aroma.
It goes well with wine and whiskey as well as eating as a snack.
Wheat gluten that has broken in the package can be enjoyed as a delicious topping for ice cream, pudding, etc. Please try it.