MAM OMAME Bean confectionery (produced in Hiroshima Prefecture)

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"MAM OMAME" is a modern version of traditional bean confectionery. Beans sprout well in any place and bear a lot of fruit. They are rich in nutrients when eaten, and have been said to be auspicious food that brings good luck to people since ancient times. It's a thing. MAM OMAME is a product that has been familiar in Japan for a long time, arranged with slightly unusual flavors such as lemon and coffee.

Bean sweets are made by a store specializing in bean sweets, which was founded in 1870 and has a store in Hiroshima Prefecture. Craftsmen carry on the old tradition, starting with the selection of ingredients, and paying close attention to the temperature and humidity during the making of the confectionery.

The bean confectionery, which is made one by one by craftsmen with love, draws out not only the sweetness of the surroundings, but also the umami of the beans inside. The reason for this is that the moist and thick dough that wraps the beans is already seasoned to bring out the flavor of the beans. Enjoy the aroma of the beans and the taste of the fabric that spreads in your mouth from the moment you bite into it.

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Product name MAM CAFE / MAM OMAME (from Hiroshima Prefecture)
(Mum Cafe / Mum Beans)
Description of item The popular MAM OMAME is back in a new package! While retaining the fragrant flavor and crispy texture of the beans, the beans are sprinkled with batter and roasted to create a rich variety of flavors. Bean confectionery carefully roasted one by one by bean confectionery craftsmen who have inherited the tradition of the founding of Meiji 2. Please enjoy the exquisite taste of nostalgia and newness.

・Black sesame Black sesame is wrapped in peanuts to create a black sesame tofu style.

・Roasted soybean flour A classic soybean confectionery. Plenty of soybean flour is wrapped in peanuts and finished.

・Lemon Peanuts are mixed with Setouchi lemon and Italian lemon powder for a refreshing taste with a refreshing aftertaste.

・Matcha milk Mix bittersweet matcha and sweet milk to create an exquisite taste.

・Milk coffee A new taste that mixes Japanese and Western styles by mixing milk and coffee with peanuts.
Product specifications Size: width 7.3 x depth 7.3 x height 7.3 cm
Contents: 80g (black sesame, soybean flour, matcha milk), 65g (lemon, milk coffee)
Expiration date: 6 months from date of manufacture Country of origin: Japan
Raw material name ・Black sesame peanuts, powdered sugar, black sesame seeds, wheat flour, adjusted soy milk powder, vegetable oil, sugar, lactose, starch, dairy products, reduced starch syrup, glutinous rice flour, starch decomposition product/stabilizer (processed starch), leavening agent, plant Charcoal powder pigment, emulsifier (derived from soybeans)

・Soybean flour Kinako (including soybeans), peanuts, powdered sugar, vegetable oil, wheat flour, sugar, starch, skimmed milk powder, reduced starch syrup, glutinous rice flour, starch hydrolyzate/stabilizer (processed starch), leavening agent, vegetable charcoal pigment ,emulsifier

・Lemon powdered sugar, peanuts, wheat flour, vegetable oil, sugar, starch, lemon powder, dextrin, reduced starch syrup, glutinous rice flour, lemon juice/stabilizer (processed starch), leavening agent, acidulant, fragrance, emulsifier (derived from soybean)

・Matcha milk Powdered sugar, peanuts, skimmed milk powder, wheat flour, vegetable oil, sugar, starch, matcha, reduced starch syrup, glutinous rice flour, starch hydrolyzate/stabilizer (processed starch), leavening agent, vegetable charcoal pigment, emulsifier (soybean) origin)

・Milk coffee Peanuts, sugar, skimmed milk powder, powdered sugar, wheat flour, vegetable oil, cocoa butter, starch, lactose, whole milk powder, reduced starch syrup, glutinous rice flour, coffee beans, starch decomposition product, cocoa powder/stabilizer (processed starch) , leavening agent, fragrance, vegetable charcoal powder pigment, emulsifier (derived from soybean)
brand It is said that Japan is the only country in the world that has so many onomatopoeias associated with food. I think that's why people living in Japan are so particular about food. Surrounded by the sea and mountains, Japan is blessed with an abundance of nature. Good food is everywhere. But the delicious things we know are probably still a handful. There are still many foods that are not known but are really delicious. There must be special products that can be said to be masterpieces born from the meticulous skills and commitment of craftsmen, as well as the materials produced under the unique conditions of the region, such as the climate, water, soil, and topography. The MAM CAFE series was born by discovering these specialties and combining them with our new ideas. We will find "delicious things" from all over Japan, pursue the joy of having them in your hands with peace of mind, and introduce the best taste.
Notes ・It may look different from the actual color of the product depending on the viewing environment.
・Package specifications are subject to change without notice.