MAM FRUIT JELLY Fruit Jelly <From Chiba Prefecture>

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MAM CAFE / MAM FRUIT JELLY <From Chiba Prefecture>
Jelly with a delicious and nostalgic texture that makes you feel like you are eating fruit

“MAM FRUIT JELLY” is a pectin jelly with a nostalgic texture that makes you feel like you are eating fruit.
Pectin jelly is made by hardening pectin, which is extracted from the skin of fruits. Pectin also has an intestinal function and is especially popular with women.
The fruit juice is domestically produced, and no preservatives or synthetic colorings are used. A delicious jelly with just the right amount of sweetness and sourness.

Produced in a historic manufacturing plant founded in 1948

"MAM FRUIT JELLY" is manufactured at a factory in Chiba Prefecture, where skilled craftsmen thoroughly control temperature, humidity, and quality. In a time when there was nothing to eat, he started making sweets with the desire to "deliver delicious sweets to as many people as possible." I'm looking for sweets that I can get.

5 kinds of fruits using domestic fruit juice
Recommended way to enjoy

"MAM FRUIT JELLY" becomes hard when chilled, so it is best to eat it at room temperature.
It's delicious in tea instead of sugar or fruit juice, or dipped in melted chocolate.

Cute package perfect for small gifts

"MAM FRUIT JELLY" contains 10 grains.
Since each jelly is individually wrapped, it is easy to distribute one by one and it is hygienic.
The colorful packages with fruit drawn on them are cute enough to make you want to buy several in bulk. It is convenient to eat on the go because it is easy to carry even in a small bag.

Product name MAM CAFE / MAM FRUIT JELLY <From Chiba Prefecture>
(Mum Cafe / Mum Fruit Jelly)
Description of item Concentrated juice of domestic fruit is used. Produces a perfect balance of acidity and sweetness. It is a jelly that uses "pectin" collected from the skin of domestic citrus fruits instead of gelatin or agar.
Product specifications Size: width 12 x depth 5.5 x height 19.8 cm (package)
Types: blueberry, lemon, mandarin orange, peach, muscat
Expiration date : 5 months from date of manufacture
Contents: 10 capsules
Storage method: Avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature.
Raw material name ·blueberry
Sugar (manufactured in Hokkaido), starch syrup, blueberry juice/gelling agent (pectin), acidulant, flavoring

Sugar (manufactured in Hokkaido), starch syrup, lemon juice/gelling agent (pectin), acidulant, flavoring

Sugar (manufactured in Hokkaido), starch syrup, mandarin orange juice/gelling agent (pectin), acidulant, flavoring

Sugar (manufactured in Japan), starch syrup, white peach puree/gelling agent (pectin), acidulant, flavoring, coloring (red cabbage)

Sugar (manufactured in Japan), starch syrup, muscat puree/gelling agent (pectin), acidulant, fragrance, coloring (red yeast, gardenia)
brand It is said that Japan is the only country in the world that has so many onomatopoeias associated with food. I think that's why people living in Japan are so particular about food. Surrounded by the sea and mountains, Japan is blessed with an abundance of nature. Good food is everywhere. But the delicious things we know are probably still a handful. There are still many foods that are not known but are really delicious. There must be special products that can be said to be masterpieces born from the meticulous skills and commitment of craftsmen, as well as the materials produced under the unique conditions of the region, such as the climate, water, soil, and topography. The MAM CAFE series was born by discovering these specialties and combining them with our new ideas. We will find "delicious things" from all over Japan, pursue the joy of having them in your hands with peace of mind, and introduce the best taste.
Notes ・Since no synthetic coloring is used, there is a risk of discoloration under the influence of light.
・In summer, the sugar on the surface may melt a little and become sticky.
・It may look different from the actual color of the product depending on the viewing environment.
・Package specifications are subject to change without notice.