Efforts of MAM CAFE

The MAM MONAKA SERIES set box has a paper package with a design that allows you to hand it over without further wrapping.
When handling food, considering the management of hygiene and expiration dates, it is the current situation that there are times when plastic packages are selected. However, we will start with what we can do and review it from time to time.

MAM CAFE's soup monaka is carefully made one by one by skilled craftsmen while adjusting the strength so that it can be broken by hand.
The focus is on making it delicious, and delicately finished monaka may crack or break due to some accident during delivery.
We gave up the easy choice of throwing away food, including food that was not in the middle of being damaged in some accident.
Then, based on the criteria of "within the expiration date" and "no problem with the taste", we regularly sell sets of products with translations at the Jiyugaoka main store, and you can try them yourself before giving them as a gift or as a self-demand. It has been very well received for its use.
If you have the chance, please visit the Jiyugaoka head office and aim for a world without food loss together with MAM CAFE.

One example is our aid to Ukraine. From March to May 2022, we donated all sales of “MAM SOUP Borscht” sold at our own shop store through the Embassy of Ukraine.
In order to make Japan and the world a better place, we will continue to carry out these kinds of activities, albeit in a small way.