MAM CAFE commitment: MAM YOKAN

Yokan is one of the representative sweets among Japanese sweets. There may be a lot of people who don't usually have a chance to eat much.
MAM YOKAN was born with the aim of a new style that makes it easier for such people to eat.
With the concept of fun, cute, and delicious, you can enjoy yokan even if you look at it by combining two types of yokan to make a pattern while being conscious of the color.

Founded in the first year of the Meiji era, MAM YOKAN is made in Ehime, a Japanese confectionery shop that has preserved the tradition and taste of many years.
The yokan, which is made using the same method as when the shop was founded, uses a lot of Ehime prefecture's specialties, such as salt from Hakata and Iyokan from Ehime prefecture.

≫ TRADITIONAL series A nostalgic taste that conveys the goodness of Ehime and Japan where it is produced.
The firmness of the agar is reduced so that it has a light texture.

≫ COCKTAIL (cocktail) series Yokan containing alcohol using liqueur. The color is gorgeous and the taste is something that even adults can enjoy.
In order to make it smoother, it contains agar to make it sticky, giving it a different texture from the TRADITIONAL series.

Adzuki beans from Hokkaido are boiled in the morning and made into yokan in a fresh and flavorful state. In order to bring out the original flavor of the adzuki beans as much as possible, the yokan is made quickly with an emphasis on freshness, except when it is chilled and solidified.
In the COCKTAIL series, the alcohol flavor tends to evaporate due to the heat, so the heat is lowered and the liqueur is added to the unfinished yokan while observing the situation. The technology and experience to prevent the flavor of the ingredients from deteriorating, and the temperature control to prevent the alcohol from evaporating too much require highly precise craftsmanship.

You can eat it immediately after breaking the bag, and you can easily replenish your energy, so it is also suitable for action food.
The TRADITIONAL series "SHIO" is also suitable for replenishing salt.
In hot weather, you can enjoy it even more by cooling it down.
If you freeze it, it will have a sherbet-like crunchy texture, so please try it.