MAMCAFE "MAM CHAZUKE WASABI" "MAM CHAZUKE SET02" Apology and Notice of Voluntary Recall

This time, the raw material "wasabi stem" (frozen salted stem wasabi) used in our products "MAM CHAZUKE WASABI" and "MAM CHAZUKE SET02" is an additive that is approved in some overseas countries and unapproved in Japan. There was a report that salt containing iodine (iodized salt) is used.
Iodine itself is also contained in seaweed and is a necessary mineral, but at this stage, iodine-added salt is not approved in Japan, and the amount of residual iodine in the product is extremely small. Even if iodine is not detected in the analysis results, there is very little possibility that it will lead to health damage even if it is consumed, and no health damage has been confirmed so far. I will collect it.

■ Products to be recalled: MAM CHAZUKE WASABI, MAM CHAZUKE SET02
*If the SET is unopened, please return it as is. If the package has been opened, please return only the applicable product (MAM CHAZUKE WASABI).
■Applicable expiration date: Products before the expiration date of 2022.03
■ Target product sales area: Nationwide
Contact: Global Form Concrete Co., Ltd. TEL: 03-5726-2177
■ Collection method: Please return the item to the following address by cash on delivery. A QUO card equivalent to the product price will be sent to the sender at a later date.
Return address: 〒920-0024 2-25-20 Nishinen, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture Kanazawa Factory Co., Ltd. Ochazuke return address 076-224-0044
■Personal information: Personal information provided by customers will not be used for any purpose other than the purpose of this case.

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