MAM OMAME-MATCHA MILK- was introduced


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Today, we would like to inform you that our product "MAM OMAME-MATCHA MILK-" was introduced in MdN's "3 o'clock snack picture book".
MdN publishes a variety of original content every day, from practical information on graphic design to information to make your life cooler and more fun!
You can read the article from the link below.

MdN "3 o'clock snack picture book": I want to eat it in early summer! 5 Refreshing and Rich Matcha Sweets such as Panna Cotta and Uiro

"MAM OMAME" is a bean confectionery that arranged traditional bean confectionery in a modern style.
In addition to the "MATCHA MILK" introduced this time, it is a series where you can enjoy various flavors.

You can purchase the "MAM OMAME" series here.
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