We donated the sales proceeds at MAM CAFE STORE

Thank you for your continued patronage of MAM CAFE.

This time, we have donated all the sales of "MAM SOUP-Borsch" sold at the shops (2 stores) operated by our brand through the Ukrainian Embassy as support for the people of Ukraine who have lost peace due to the military invasion. I will report what happened.
The two stores that sold MAM SOUP-Borscht and the period are as follows.


■MAM CAFE STORE Main Store March 15-May 31, 2022

■ MAM CAFE STORE Urawa Parco store (limited time shop)
March 15-27, 2022

Total amount 35,636 yen


This time, we provided information about donations only at the above two stores, but we received sympathy and cooperation from many people.
Thank you very much.

Borscht is a national dish of Ukrainian origin.
I decided to carry out this kind of activity this time, hoping that it would be an opportunity to know and think about the country of Ukraine from the aspect of "food".
We pray for peace and safety, and will continue to do what we can in accordance with the situation.


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