February 1, 2023 to September 30, 2023 Notice of recruitment of sales staff

2023年2月1日~9月30日 販売スタッフ募集のお知らせ

Currently, we are looking for people who can work at limited-time shops in department stores and commercial facilities throughout Tokyo.

ーーRecruitment contentsーー ■ Business contents All things related to sales such as customer service, cash register, and stocking of food and miscellaneous goods at "MAM CAFE STORE"

Work period
From February 1, 2023 to September 30, 2023 It is possible to work only for a short period during the above period.
For example, if you would like to work intensively during the spring/summer holidays or the GW period, we will accept applications and consultations, so please contact us first.
* Details such as the location of the store will be announced individually after inquiries and applications from those who are interested.

We are looking for such people
1. Those who can work for 6 hours or more *If you can be involved in the opening or closing time of the store, we can consult for a short time.
2. Those who actively approach customers with an appropriate sense of distance
3. Those who can participate in group LINE for sharing information on sales floors
4.Those who will handle the products with all their heart (For those who are concerned about gift wrapping and product information, we will make time for training in advance)

Employment form <br>Part-time job, part-time job

Treatment <br>Hourly wage 1,100 yen ~
Transportation expenses paid (up to 1,000 yen per day)
*Company discount available

For applications and inquiries, please contact here
retail (at) gfconcrete.com
*Email address Please replace (at) with @.
Please write "Recruitment of sales staff" in the subject line.
After receiving the e-mail, the person in charge will contact you regarding the schedule of the next interview or the answers to your questions.

Those who like MAM CAFE, those who are aiming for the interior industry, those who want to be involved, those who are looking for short-term work, etc.
If you are willing to work seriously, there is no reason to apply.
We look forward to receiving your inquiries and applications.

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