MAM CAFE sponsors "GGBC" held in Fukuoka

福岡で開催される「GGBC」にMAM CAFEが協賛しています
Limited to 500 people, the outdoor party "GGBC" will be held in Fukuoka.
It's not just music and food, it's a free, circus-like, picnic-like, resort-like place filled with things that make you feel good and exciting in an outdoor space.
・Such an event will be held on April 17, 2022 at Maizuru Park in Fukuoka.

We support the awareness and actions of SDGs such as education through playing outdoors, reuse of tableware, efforts to reduce waste, and efforts to make the city more attractive, and MAM CAFE will also participate in the sponsorship.

Performing artists are completely private and will be kept secret until that time on the day. Don't you care? ?
Is there a surprise on the day? So if you are going to participate, please look forward to it!
GGBC Please check the official Instagram and website for details.
Instagram @ggbc.fukuoka

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